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"fats girls cant-"

shh.. fat girls can and they will

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What is your opinion on the idea that thin shaming is like reverse racism ?


both are as real as triple headed unicorns

Can any and all bodies be shamed? Yes. 

Are fat bodies disproportionately shamed in comparison to thin bodies? You betcha. 

This doesn’t negate that thin bodies can be shamed, just not on the same scale.

The reason the term thin-shaming is bogus, is because the name itself implies that it happens on such a wide and severe scale that it is on par with fat-shaming, which is preposterous. 

Examples of shaming thin bodies include 

  • telling someone to eat a sandwich
  • calling someone a skinny b*tch (which falls under misogyny because of the slur)
  • telling someone they look anorexic (which is ableist)
  • saying men prefer meat to bones (which is heteronormative as well as misogynistic)

that’s pretty much it

Examples of fat shaming include 

  • concern troll abuse on a daily/hourly basis
  • every tv show you ever watch eventually makes a fat shaming comment
  • every movie too
  • you cannot even watch an orange juice commercial without being reminded that fat is bad and diet orange juice will help you lose weight
  • there is a MULTI BILLION dollar industry telling you you’re horrible, you’ll die, and to spend all your money to stop this (gee i wonder if these companies are biased a lil)
  • random strangers will ruin your day at any turn with their fake PhDs
  • most stores/tourist spots/ theme parks/etc are not made to accommodate your body… so good luck doing pretty much anything
  • for every 20+ stores for thin people, there is MAYBE 1 for fat people, but everything is 3+ times the cost, poorly made, and even those don’t pass size 24/26 most times
  • physical abuse can happen
  • poor/no health care…. because even if you get a cold, it’s because you’re fat (there are countless documented cases of people getting worse and even dying from this)
  • the list goes on forever

On a personal scale, I’ve experienced the following

  • people i’ve never met in my life coming up to me in person to give me diet tips without even saying hello
  • people screaming from their car to mock me
  • people surrounding me and spitting on me
  • being slapped in the face
  • called every name you can possibly think of
  • being verbally harassed in a theater (just this year), where a man aggressively stood in my face and mocked my weight and said i belonged on “my 600lb life” 
  • being told by simply existing that i am glorifying obesity (what does that even MEAN)
  • death threats
  • being told to kill myself
  • being told i will die (which is emotional/mental abuse)
  • being denied proper medical help (i hurt my knee really bad and apparently diet and exercise would cure slamming my knee into the concrete after slipping on ice)
  • and on and on and on and on

As for reverse racism, the only thing it’s comparable to in regards to “thin shaming”, is that both are impossible, because the oppressed group does not have the institutionalized power to oppress their own oppressors. The best example I ever heard for this, is if you walk into your boss’s office and shout “you’re fired”, the most it will do, is make him a little mad. If your boss walks into your office and says “you’re fired”, well, you’re actually fired. Lack of power means you’re unable to actually oppress. 

So long story short, both are made up terms, for false equivalencies to actual oppressed groups.

I hope that answer helped :) 

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